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K quotes
what our customers are saying:

“I've missed these chocolates for 30 years!”

“You must try these truffles!”
“I’m just waiting for you to get out of the way!”
-Bill & Susanna

“I thought I was going to save this chocolate
for a rainy day, but I ate it in the car."

“If you’re going to be bad with anything,
be bad with this chocolate.”
-Marjorie L.

“The pomegranates are for me.
I hide them in the closet. No one knows.”

“We should register here, Honey.”
-Michael to his fiancé

“I pop a scotch ball at 3:00 on
my way down the slopes.”
-Marianne, Aspen

“Are those truffles legal?
Give me a bag of that ammo.”

"Rasakanlah cokelat
beruang yang paling enak."
-Stanley, Malaysia

“I love these chocolates so much.
I even send them to my ex-wife!”

“Booze and chocolate—
there goes the afternoon!”
“My husband is allowed one K bear at a time.
If he cheats, I hide them.”

“Are these a gift?"
"Goodness, no. These are for me!”

“Saved my spanish orange in the fridge.
My dad ate them. I cried.

“Vodka shots are a completely
new way of drinking.”

“We walked 5 miles. This chocolate's worth it!”

“Can’t eat any other chocolate now.
I’m so spoiled!”

“I keep the ginger from my husband
so I can have it all to myself!”

“I’m back! My husband ate them all!”

“Pecan krisps are my drug of choice!”

“Heading to Dallas, I have a list of requests.
Hope I don’t eat it all before I get there!”

“I’m not giving you any of these.”
-Bette to her escort

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